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Introduction to Jewellery Design 


4, 6 or 8 week course

PRE-REQUISITES:                              No experience required

COURSE DELIVER:                             2 hour classes, weekly

COURSE LOCATION:                         AA Collected, Skalitzer Strasse 77, Berlin.


COURSE CONTACT:                           Nathan Thomas

CONTACT :                                

COURSE FEE :                                    €25 Per hour.  total 8 hours over 4 weeks.





This course is ideal for beginners or those with jewellery making knowledge who wish to further their skills whilst creating a unique piece of jewellery. The course will be adapted to your skill set and individual goals as you develop your own unique jewellery from concept through to creation. The wide range of skills gained by students during the course includes design development, research, manufacturing techniques, wax casting, metal forming and fabrication as well as learning about setting styles. I tailor each course to the individual students preferences and desired goals.

 Included are enough materials to create a standard sized sterling silver ring, pendant, or earrings. Students may wish to use other metals or include stones in their design, these are not included in the course fee.




Lessons will vary depending on the scope of each individual students project

    1.     Concept Development   & Design Sketches

 Research concepts for jewellery design, seeking inspiration and things to consider when designing jewellery. Also covered is basic jewellery sketching – HOW TO BEST put your ideas on paper


    2.    Introduction to & Safety and correct tool use.

 This lesson covers workbench safety. The basics of jewellery bench technique, (going over) the skills you will need to complete your jewellery design. How to handle tools correctly and safely.


   3.    Getting Started! How do i make this ring?

This is lesson we will go through basics of getting started on a project. From working out your ideas, through to sketching your idea, measuring and ordering the materials you need to make it happen. This covers the planning and early development of any piece of jewellery you might want to make.


   4.     Basics of Metal forming

From cutting, to filing, hammering and bending. This section will cover the many different ways you can create shapes and forms from metal.


5.      An introduction to soldering and joining 

One of the most satisfying part of jewellery making is learning how to join two or more pieces together. You will learn to Solder with a blowtorch and cold joining techniques such as hinges and rivets.


 7.  Finishing your piece of jewellery.

A piece is only as god as the finishing touches. You will learn that being patient and working through the correct steps will result in a finish you ( and the client) are happy with. We will cover filing, sanding, polishing and an introduction to basic setting.




8. Photography and review.

As you are coming to the end of your course, i will photograph your finished piece and provide you with a detailed overview of the skills we covered, how you can find resources you may need in the future and how you can take the next steps to further your new jewellery making career or hobby.



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